Goldback Large - made to order

**Please Note**  These bags are made in batches and sold through a pre-order that’s open to 20 units. The current turnaround time is 6 weeks. If you want to know when orders open again, go to the 'shop bags' page and hit the button to be notified. 


The Goldback Large is a tough and versatile camping saddlebag inspired by the British saddlebags of yore. The Goldback attaches to saddle-loops or handlebars, runs rackless or attaches to support platforms.  It has all the benefits of a traditional saddlebag like quick access to gear and handy side pockets, yet adds features for the modern cycle tourists that venture toward rougher terrain. The large's capacity is 22 liters, which can be crammed to about 28 liters.


If you’re running it rackless, you’ll need at least 11.5” from the handlebar/saddle loops down to the tire. If you have a rack platform, it’ll need to be 8”~11” below the strap point. For bag dimensions & sizing information please see sizing info-graphic above or download it here.


Goldback Large Features:

  • Expandable long-flap lid adds 5-10 liter dry-bag capacity.

  • Plenty of strap points on the back of the bag to attach to stem/head-tube on the front or seatpost on the back.

  • Lash to rack platforms with three strips of webbing on underside of bag.

  • Overall dimensions are 17.5~21.5”W (side pockets flat/full)x 11.5”H x 7”D. Main compartment dimensions 13.5"W x 11.5"H x 7"D.

  • 2 side pockets, 1L each (fits two 20 oz. cans)

  • Internal dowel at main strap points is a traditional way to construct these bags, it gives the bag great stability and shape. 
  • External lower dowel sleeves in rack webbing (see photos) which helps prevent the bag from folding over the head tube, which reduces sway, increases rigidity and tire clearance.

  • Hypalon panel on underside and back at all attachment points. Very good against abrasion.

  • Interior liner is 400 denier waterproof-coated packcloth, or for $10 more you can have X-pac.

  • Weight of bag, rigid liner & two dowels,

    • Waxed Canavs 2lbs. 12oz.

    • X-Pac/Cordura 2lb 4~6oz

  • Fabric, straps, buckles made in U.S.A.

  • Sewn in Atlanta, GA


Goldback Large Need to Knows:

  • Strapping the bag tightly on the handlebars to a stem's faceplate can cause abrasion - different faceplates and bolts can rub in different ways - so consider the foam spacers to give some space between.

  • If you plan on running a front rack for support, some recommended options are Nitto Mark's, Simworks Obento or the Potluck.

  • If using 15" Voile straps on saddle attachment, you'll need to wrap the strap an additional time around the dowel so the holes align with the buckle.

  • The bag does not claim to be fully waterproof. However, I do my best to weather-proof bag through material choice and construction. If you need items to be fully-waterproof, use lightweight & affordable dry bags.

  • When attached to handlebars like drop bars or flat/riser MTB bars, cable and hose lengths may need to be adjusted.

  • Fabric may be scruffed/wrinkled, and/or have pencil marks due to the assembly process. There's nothing wrong with the fabric, apply heat to restore color on waxed canvas and the pencil marks are water soluble so they will fade away in time.


Bag Includes:

  • HDPE rigid liner

  • Two Birch Dowels

  • Two BXB Voile Straps - 15” long, aluminum buckle

  • ¾” nylon strap with cam buckle.

Goldback Large - made to order

  • Ordering & Shipping

    These bags are made in batches and sold through a monthly pre-order timetable that’s open to 20 units. Orders open at the beginning of the month and close at the end of the month or when all 20 units have been sold. The bags are fabricated the following month and shipped by the end of the month. Keep in mind BXB is a small operation, please allow the entire month to fulfill your order. 

  • International Shipping

    During the COVID-19 pandemic I've been using UPS for international shipping due to quicker and more reliable deliveries over USPS, however it is a little more expenisve.