Goldback Small V2

**Please Note**  These bags are made in batches and sold through a monthly pre-order timetable that’s open to 20 units. Orders open at the beginning of the month and close at the end of the month or when all 20 units have been sold. The bags are fabricated the following month and shipped by the end of the month. Keep in mind BXB is a small operation, please allow the entire two months to fulfill your order. 


A new take on the Goldback Small, a popular handlebar and saddle bag due to it's compact size and it's capacity for long day rides or camping gear. This second version sports a new narrower shape yet gaining a higher capacity of 15L (+5L w/ longflap lid) while keeping the bag tucked - only needing 9" of clearence from the handlebar to tire in rackless setups. If you have a rack platform, it’ll need to be 6”~9” below the strap point. It attaches via an external dowel sleeve and doesn't need strap holes punching through through to the inside so there's less a chance of weather getting in.  


Goldback Small V2 features:

  • Expandable long-flap lid adds 5 liter dry-bag capacity
  • 2 side pockets that fold flat when not needed and can expand up to 3/4L each.
  • External dowel sleeve at main strap points. 
  • Additional lower external dowel sleeve that helps prevent the bag from folding over the head tube, reducing sway and increasing rigidity and tire clearance.
  • Lots of straping on the rear and a hypalon panel underneath for rack platforms. 
  • Fabric, straps, buckles made in USA. Sewn in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Bags include:

  • Two Voile 15" BXB branded black straps. If you prefer Voile Nano straps let me know.
  • 3 pairs of foam spacer blocks.
  • HDPE rigid liner

  • Two Birch Dowels

  • ¾” nylon strap with cam buckle



  • Bag measurements: 12″~15"W X 10″H X 8″D 
    • 12" Wide with side pockets folded flat, 15" W with side pockets full (see photos)
  • 9" tire clearence from handlebar down to tire rackless setup (use of foam spacer blocks may drop bag).
  • Capacity 15L + 5L with use of longflap lid.
  • Weight  1lb 14oz w/all straps & dowels for xpac fabric, 2lb 2oz for waxed canvas.

Goldback Small V2

  • International Shipping

    During the COVID-19 pandemic I've been using UPS for international shipping due to quicker and more reliable deliveries over USPS, however it is a little more expenisve. 

    During COVID I'm trying to limit my exposure and only going to the post office once a week, usually on Thursday or Friday.