Goldback Medium V2

**Please Note**  These bags are made in batches and sold through a pre-order that’s open to 20 units. The current turnaround time is 6 weeks. If you want to know when orders open again, go to the 'shop bags' page and hit the button to be notified. 


The Goldback with a new updated design similar to that of the Piccolo with the external dowel attachment instead of the traditional internal dowel like the original Goldbacks. It still has a long-flap lid that is even longer than the original to cram about 10L more in addition to the main compartment's 18L capacity. The lid also includes d-rings for shoulder strap attachment points as well as lashing a jacket to the top for quick access. Run it on a rack with it's hypalon panel offering multiple strap lashing points OR run it without a rack and install the included dowel to prevent it from folding over the head tube or, on the rear, keep it away from the back of the thighs when used with foam spacers.


*The bag liner (inside fabric) is 400D packcloth and I use saffron yellow or light grey depending on the exterior fabric, so kind of like chef's choice :-) IF you have a strong preference for either yellow or grey, follow up with an email after your order is placed. 


Goldback Medium V2 specifications:


  • Width: 14" at the bottom, 16" at the top lid w/ side pockets flat/empty or 20" w/ side pockets full
  • Height: 11" overall, 6.5" from the bottom of the bag up to the strap point at the wooden dowel. 
  • Depth: 8"

Volume: 18L main compartment + 1L side pockets 



  • Rackless front: handlebar clamp down to tire w/ 2 pair foam spacers: +11 *
  • Rackless rear; saddle loops down to tire: +10.5" *
  • Rack support; handlebar/saddle loops down to platform: 6-7"

*note rackless: +/- 1/2 - 1" for bumpy roads with heavy a** loads


Bags include:

  • Voile 15" strap set (metal buckles)
  • 6 foam spacer blocks, 3/8” thick
  • Strap with cam buckle to attach lower part to headtube/seatpost.


Need to Know:

  • Strapping the bag tightly to the handlebars/stem faceplate can cause abrasion - different faceplates and bolts can rub in different ways - so consider the foam spacers to give some space between.

  • The bag does not claim to be fully waterproof. However, I do my best to weather-proof the bags through material choice and construction. If you need items to be fully waterproof, use lightweight & affordable dry bags.

  • When attached to handlebars like drop bars or flat/riser MTB bars, cable and hose lengths may need to be adjusted.

  • Fabric may be scruffed/wrinkled, and/or have pencil marks due to the assembly process. There's nothing wrong with the fabric, apply heat to restore color on waxed canvas and the pencil marks are water soluble so they will fade away in time.


Goldback Medium V2