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Goldback 11W TALL

**Please note these bags are made-to-order - see top banner of the webpage for current lead time**


The Goldback bag is tough, versatile and capacious with an aesthetic inspired by the British saddlebags style of yore. This transverse style can find its home on both the handlebars or the saddle (saddle loops needed) and is offered in a few sizes and options to help you dial in your ride! 


Now coming in two widths and two heights!  Click HERE to download the sizing info-graphic.


This particular Goldback is the 11W TALL, meaning the main compartment of the bag is 11”' wide which is the same width as the Piccolo large but the profile of a Goldback which is +1" in height and +1/2" in depth. Tall versions are +2” in height  compared to its shorter sibling. It can pack away 27 liters of capacity between it's main compartment and two side pockets that can store a water bottle or smaller items. They’re able to be run with and without rack support and fit between drop bars and play well with flat and most alt bars. Please reference the info chart for dimensions and clearance requirements in photos here, the 'info' section on the website or reach out if you have any questions. 


The stock version of the Goldback comes with a generously sized short-flap main lid with d-rings for lashing a jacket or using a shoulder strap off-bike. There are two full length pockets on the side big enough to carry a water bottle and necessities. (There are a few upgrades possible in regards to the lid and an additional stretch pocket with more info below.) The underside of the bag has highly abrasion resistant hypalon panel chalk full of strap points for racks or if using without a rack, lots of places to strap to the headtube and mount a lower dowel to prevent the bottom of the bag from folding around the headtube when packed. 

The way Goldbacks are installed is using two 15" Voile straps that wrap around a wooden support dowel running across the top of the bag, giving its traditional shape. The stock version comes with an external dowel sleeve meaning it's closed off from the inside of the bag whereas the internal dowel version has four 3/4" holes allowing straps to pass through and wrap around the dowel on the inside. Typically customers run this bag on the handlebars which is best suited for the external dowel, however if you plan to use this bag nearly exclusively on the saddle loops, consider the internal dowel style (more info below).

Standard features & upgrade:

  • Main Lid:

    • Stock: generously sized short-flap with four d-rings for cord lashing and shoulder strapping off-bike. Reverse fabric details at the edge to give it better shape. 

    • Upgrade (+$20) to an expandable long-flap lid with the same d-rings for cord lashing and shoulder strapping off-bike. The extra flap is held closed by stainless steel 24 snaps. I buy an extra set of dome sides for the snaps so the non-working side is always smooth and classy. 

  • Accessory pockets:

    • Stock: Two full length side pockets that can lay pretty flat or expand up to 2”, large enough to fully enclose a 16oz water bottle. 

    • Upgrade (+$15) to an additional front stretch mesh pocket (see photos). It’s 4 ½” deep and the width of the main compartment. This nice mesh fabric is from Ecopak and is heavier duty 4-way stretch and is great against abrasion. It's pretty expensive and I use two layers of it & I also need to alter the bag pattern to incorporate the mesh into a fold and finish it off with a top stitch. 

  • Dowel attachment style: 

    • Stock: An external wooden dowel is sleeved in a thick layer of hypalon, with two 1” wide strap holes. This style is great for the handlebars because the Voile strap buckles are accessible and easy to tighten up. Due to the buckle being external, it’s difficult to get a tight fit on most saddle loops since the buckle wages for that tight real estate between the bottom of the saddle and the top of the bag, therefore not making the tightest fit. The best tight fit with saddle loops I can find is with Voile 6” Nano straps because these can be used in a small circumference, BUT they are ½” wide and the standard Voile 15” strap (included) are ¾” wide… I’ve had ½” smaller straps break on saddle loops with a loaded down Goldback (rackless) so don’t recommend a heavy bag like this with ½” straps on saddle loops without bag support helping take the load off the straps.

    • Upgrade (+$20) to an internal wooden dowel that’s accessible with ¾” Voile straps by way of four punched holes. This traditional style, with its strap holes, introduces a chance of weather ingress vs. the external dowel, HOWEVER THIS IS THE BEST for using big/heavy bags on saddle loops period, especially running rackless. That’s because the strap buckle and tail are on the inside of the bag allowing a tight fit to the saddle because there’s nothing in the way between the saddle and the top of the saddle (see photos). This style has a few more steps involved so the price differs. Hot tip: a Hobopieces Restuvus saddle loop hardware adds large saddle loops to any saddle!


Bag includes:

  • Voile 15" strap set (metal buckles)

  • 6 foam spacer blocks, 1/2” thick. Die cut in house from high density foam. 

  • ¾” strap with cam buckle to attach the lower part to the headtube/seatpost.

  • A rad sticker


Approximate minimum clearances:  (see sizing info-graphic here)

**NOTE rack-less heavy loads on bumpy tracks could experience tire rub/buzz for setups with bare minimum clearance**

  • Rack-less front: handlebar clamp down to tire w/ 2 pair ½” foam spacers: +12.5 

  • Rack-less rear: saddle loops down to tire: 11.5” 

  • Rack/platform support; handlebar/saddle loops down to platform: 8-10" (foam spacers can be used to adjust fit on handlebars)


Need to Know:

  • Strapping the bag tightly to the handlebars/stem faceplate can cause abrasion - different faceplates and bolts can rub in different ways - so consider the foam spacers to give some space between.

  • The bag does not claim to be fully waterproof. However, I do my best to weather-proof the bags through material choice and construction. If you need items to be fully waterproof, use lightweight & affordable dry bags.

  • When attached to handlebars like drop bars or flat/riser MTB bars, cable and hose lengths may need to be adjusted.

  • Fabric may be scruffed/wrinkled, and/or have pencil marks due to the assembly process. There's nothing wrong with the fabric, apply heat to restore color on waxed canvas and the pencil marks are water soluble so they will fade away in time.


Goldback 11W TALL