'Coyote' colorway

Colors are fun and we like to switch it up once in a while and offer rotating colorways. Maybe it's just us who like these, maybe others will dig it too. 


'Coyote' colorway uses Coyote brown X-Pac fabric, buckles and thread. Liner options are grey 400d Packcloth or Grey X-pac (+$10) 


***PLEASE NOTE*** These bags are sold through a monthly pre-order timetable that’s open to 20 units. Orders open at the beginning of the month and close at the end of the month or when all 20 units have been sold. The bags are fabricated the following month and shipped out in the order they were purchased. Keep in mind BXB is a small operation, please allow the entire two months to fulfill your order.



Please consider adding 2-3 pairs of foam spacers for mounting on the handlebars or saddle.


Please take a look at the individual product page for full product information, fitting clearences and dimensions. 

'Coyote' colorway

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    During the COVID-19 pandemic I've been using UPS for international shipping due to quicker and more reliable deliveries over USPS, however it is a little more expenisve.