Right Height: Rear Rack Bag for Saddle Loops

The Right Height™ is a made-to-order top-loading bag that’s built to height and available in three widths based on your particular set up. It’s meant to sit on a rear rack support and also be strapped to saddle loops at the top, and for that reason the bag’s height is based on the distance from the saddle loops down to the rack platform. Having a precisely sized bag means it won’t flop around and the weight of a packed bag will have a lower center of gravity to offer better bike handling while on tour.


This is a great option for big bikes that need taller bags than what the market offers. It’s also great for smaller bikes that need a bag to fit a shorter setup where capacity can be gained by in requesting the maximum bag width of 16”~20” (side pockets empty~full).


How to order:

  1. Place inital order: base-price $265
  2. BXB will send you a form regarding,
    1. Height & width requirements 
      • Width options,
        • Narrow: 11.5"~14" - width of Piccolo Small with pockets empty~full
        • Middle: 13"~16.5" (+$10) - width of Piccolo Large with pockets empty~full
        • Wide: 16"~20" (+$20) - width of Goldback V2 with pockets empty~full 
      • Height options (measured from rack platform to top saddle loops),
        • 5"- 8"
        • 9"-12" (+$10)
        • 13"-16" (+$20)
    2. Fabric preference (+$0-$30)
    3. Additional add-on options  
      • Long flap lid (+$20) - short flap is included in base-price.
      • Internal mesh pockets (+$20)
      • Additional straps and spacers (+$10-20) - One Voile strap set included with base-price. 
  3. You will be invoiced for the remaining balance.
  4. BXB will make your bag & ship it out re current lead times. 


Bags include:

  • Voile Nano 6" strap set (best for saddle loops)
  • Strap with cam buckle to attach lower part to rack tombstone.


Need to Know:

  • Measurements are for dowel height, which is the primary strapping place for the bag that attaches to the handlebars or the saddle loops. The overall height of the bag is a few inches more and even moreso if your bag is stuffed.
  • These bags are designed for rack support under the bag.  Without a rack, you will have poor tire clearence because the profile of the Right Height is flatter and deeper and will likely rub the tire. 
  • Strapping the bag tightly to saddles can cause abrasion - different saddle loops and rails can rub in different ways - but the robust hypalon attachment point can handle it without issue of bag integrity. 

  • The bag does not claim to be fully waterproof. However, I do my best to weather-proof the bags through material choice and construction. If you need items to be fully waterproof, use lightweight & affordable dry bags.

  • Fabric may be scruffed/wrinkled, and/or have pencil marks due to the assembly process. There's nothing wrong with the fabric, apply heat to restore color on waxed canvas and the pencil marks are water soluble so they will fade away in time.


Right Height: Rear Rack Bag for Saddle Loops