Better Half Framebag - classic hook closure

The Better Half Framebag was made for the long rides and the every day shredder. It's two expandable compartments can stow away layers and food which are easily accessed via flip-top lids and secured with metal gaiter hooks - a classic closure system that is easy to do one handed. 


Designed to fit road and gravel bikes with 0-10 degrees of top tube slope. If you're not sure what your top tube slope is, go to our friends at BIKE INSIGHTS and search for your bike, your top tube slope will be in the geometry info. NOTE: If the top tube slope is underlined in orange on Bike Insights, that means it's estimated using the best info available to them rather than it being an explicit spec from the brand’s geometry chart. Most bike brands don’t specify slope explicitly, but Bike Insights made the decision to estimate slope using general reference points of a bike’s geometry - see more info below. This bag is not meant for mountain bikes or other bikes with +10 deg of top tube slope. 


The Better Half Framebag comes in three sizes which only differ in height, all sizes are 12" long and 2.5" wide (see sizing info-graphic for all dimensions). They vary in height to accommodate different head tube lengths, i.e. different sized bikes. You will need to measure your head tube length or measure the distance on the head tube between the top and down tube on the inside of the frame (ref. sizing-graphic). 

  • Small: likely in the 46cm-52cm frame size range with head tube lenghts around 75-120-ish millimeters.  1" or less of head tube between the top tube and down tube.
  • Medium: probably in the 52cm-58cm range, where head tubes can range 120-180-ish millimeters. 1"-3" of head tube between the top tube and down tube.
  • Large: frames in the 58cm-63cm range, with 180-230-ish millimeter head tubes. 3-4.5" of head tube between the top tube and down tube.



  • One large compartment on the drive side & one slim compartment for phone/wallet on the non drive side.
  • One-handed flap access with gaiter hook closures.
  • Molle attachment points around perimeter of bag for easy strapping. Bag comes with 6 double sided straps that are long enough to wrap around carbon frames. 
  • Internal padding around parimeter where there bag comes in contact with frame.
  • Water bladder hose port
  • Capacity:
    • SM: 2.5L
    • MD: 3L
    • LG: 3.5L 
  • Weight
    • SM: 8.4 oz
    • MD: 8.7 oz
    • LG: 9.3 oz
  • Handmade in ATL, GA


Better Half Need to Knows, 

  • Velcro straps can cause abrasion on frame finish, use protective frame tapes if needed. 
  • Not for use with downtube shifters.
  • Not for use with a frame-pump under the top tube.
  • Not for use with modern mountain bikes. 


**Bike Insights is large database of frame geometies spaning many makes & models - it's a fantasitc resource, but most of the time top tube slope is estimated using the best info available to Bike Insights. Here are some notes from Bike Insights regarding top tube slope on their website, 

  • If the Top Tube Slope is underlined in orange, that means it is estimated using the best info available rather than it being an explicit spec from the brand’s geometry chart.
  • Estimated slope is only as good as the data received. The most common issues are brands measuring their seat tubes to unspecified points or not providing reliable dimensions. In these cases, slope estimates are usually reasonably close to real-world specs but will tend to skew a little high (more slope). In rarer cases, designs with unusually tall seat tube extensions can result in our slope estimates coming in lower than real-world specs. This second scenario is more common in the MTB world than it is in road/gravel.
  • The good news is that 85% of the road/gravel bikes with known top tube slope values are in the 0-10º range. 


Better Half Framebag - classic hook closure

  • This batch: Black Camo X-pac w/ coyote webbing

    These are made in small batches and will ship within a week of purchase. 

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