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WELCOME TO THE FABRIC PHOTO GALLERY! **Please know these are just examples and colors may be slightly different in real life. 


X-Pac® builds durable, lightweight, waterproof laminated fabrics and since 2021, it's factories in the U.S. and Germany are powered by 100% renewable energy. X-pac bags are usually lighter wight and hold more shape compared to waxed canvas. 


Waterproof, durable, laminated fabric made with 100% recycled polyester. A yard uses about 20 plastic bottles and produces with no fluorocarbons. A fabric similar to Xpac, offering a lightweight bag that holds shape more so than waxed canvas. 


Martexin has been making this waxed canvas since 1930. They process and dye their fabric in New Jersey from foreign and domestic mills. This classic and long lasting fabric is impregnated with wax as it's weather proofing and works well against the elements. This fabric is thicker than the Ecopak and Xpac and weights roughly 30-40% more and holds less shape as well but offers that iconic look with it's signature wear characteristics.


Fabric for the interior of your bag, these colorful options can add some character to the colorway. Normally I use basic packcloth in saffron or light grey but the Ecopak Ultragrid offers more colors and is a fancier fabric.